A job thanks to CodeBoxx

A high-school drop-out and an immigrant woman, who have been in Quebec for a few months, will get a very good job in a few days in a sector that is experiencing a labor shortage, thanks to intensive programming training with CodeBoxx.

Nathan Vézina, 19, who dropped out of high school, and Laura Zuviri, who arrived in Quebec in March, are graduating from the first cohort of the new Quebec coding school.

Victim of bullying in elementary and then high school, Nathan gradually lost confidence and decided not to go to school, too unhappy to be disgusted by his classmates, even if he was doing quite well in school. His lessons. “I did not feel in my place. I walked along the walls and I even deliberately missed a year to be in the elders of the class, “he said.

Nathan asked for help, but nothing changed at school. So he decided to give up to do odd jobs. Since he’s always been passionate about technology, he learned a little bit about JavaScript, and when his parents offered him to integrate intensive training, he said yes because it did not look like traditional training like school.

As a result, he will finish in the best of the cohort. “Here, nobody disgusted me, I felt in family and the technical level is very interesting,” he explained. “I’ve never been so busy in my life. For the first time, I had the taste to go to the end and it made me want to learn and follow other courses, “he continued.

Language like another

Laura Zuviri worked in administration in Mexico. When she arrived in Quebec, she did not know what to do. She speaks Spanish, English, and is doing quite well in French. She did not feel like embarking on equivalency requests to work in her field. “It is too long. My husband heard Nicolas Genest on the radio and he said: “You love languages ​​and programming is the language of machines,” she said.

After passing the selection test successfully, Laura began her training without ever touching the coding in her life. Although she sometimes found it intense and had some difficult times, she hung on to set an example for her nine-year-old daughter, who was learning French at school at the same time. “The programming is in English language, but I was spoken in French during class and sometimes I had little trouble understanding because it was mixed in my head,” she said.

A few days before the end of her training, Laura Zuviri feels integrated in Quebec. “I feel like I’m part of the community and I’m going to have a great career.”

Desired graduates

Nathan and Laura should receive a job offer from CGI among others. “Programming is an area that will never stop growing. He will always have work. It’s the future, “says Nathan.

After four intensive months, the graduates learned several programming languages ​​and were introduced to the creation of mobile applications and artificial intelligence. Of the 26 students, 22 will receive job offers from one of CodeBoxx’s three partner companies. CGI has already made 12 job offers and they will be offering 10 other offers this week. Coveo has selected six graduates and Fungo has made three job offers. Two of the 22 graduates have even four job offers.

Two other graduates already have a job and came to CodeBoxx to learn some things. Finally, the last two still need a frame by CodeBoxx before they can be hired by a company.

Python, JavaScript, PHP will they become secondary languages ​​required at school in the same way as English?

SOURCE: CÉLINE FABRIÈS, Le Soleil, December 16, 2018,


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