A first cohort ready for employers

The new CodeBoxx Technology School unveils its unique concept.

The brand new Quebec CodeBoxx School of Technology will soon complete its inaugural cohort.

CEO and founder Nicolas Genest is very proud of the participants already presented to several employers and partners.

Since August 2018, CodeBoxx has been the first school in the region to offer 16-week accelerated training in boot camp mode, which allows participants from all walks of life to learn the technologies of the modern market.

In recent years, boot camps are gaining ground with people who want to stand out. To assimilate the concepts more easily, practical work is popular with both students and trainers.

“The concept is to provide technology training in an accelerated way. Some will succeed in 40 hours a week, others in 70 hours a week. You do not have to know how to code, but you have to be able to learn quickly. More than half did not even know how to program when they started, “explains Nicolas Genest.

A new career

With a long experience in technology management in Canada, Europe and the United States, the latter recently returned to settle in Quebec with his family. With his CodeBoxx project, he wants to unlock the true potential of his candidates by encouraging them to embark on a new chapter in their careers.

“We put a machine in their hands, we teach them the mechanics of languages, algorithmics, problem solving. We start from scratch. The coaches are paid for their success, “adds the founder. Incubator or spark plug, the concept even ensures a job for all participants at the end of the program.

For Paul-Olivier Trottier, a 17-year-old dropout, his current experience with CodeBoxx could not be more rewarding after a failure in the traditional education system.


“At school, I was often disgusted. Here, it’s like a big family. When you make a mistake, the coaches take the time to look at all of this with you. I knew computer science well, but not coding. I am already working on an application with a friend in personal project, “says proudly the young adult who eyeing the side of a company already targeted.

“When someone is interested in you, it feels good. It’s the best that’s coming, “he adds.

Located in a modern building in the Lebourgneuf sector, CodeBoxx has spared no effort to stimulate learning. Rest room with beds and hammocks, kitchen and space of concentration: no excuses for anyone, summarizes the CEO Nicolas Genest who does not lack ambition.

SOURCE: Jean-François Racine, Journal de Québec, November 28, 2018,


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