Graduate Profile: David Boutin

As part of our series of profiles on CodeBoxx’s graduates, we asked David Boutin to write a short piece about his history and his motivations. As part of the “career reorientation” segment, David is a great inspiration for his colleagues and future participants.

David Boutin, May 17, 2019

I joined the Forces at age 17 (2002), during my career I had to be deployed as an infantryman twice in Afghanistan. I’ve always loved action, adrenaline, and doing something concrete on the ground. Believe me, I’ve got a good bang for my buck during my 2 deployments! Due to medical reasons, I had to withdraw from the Forces in 2016.

However, I still had an appetite for stimulating challenges that would allow me to do something concrete. I wanted to find myself in the heart of the action again, to have a “hands-on” experience since that was what motivated me the most!

I have always liked the field of technology without really devoting myself to it. When I heard about the CodeBoxx School of Technology’s bootcamp concept, I was immediately attracted.

CodeBoxx joined my values, we could see clearly that he put forward a concept of “doers”, experiences in the heart of the action. A stimulating bootcamp and with a clear guideline: we go straight to the point!

Today, thanks to CodeBoxx, I work in the field of T.I and I love the choice I made! In no time I regret my choice.

Thanks CodeBoxx!


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