Danny's story: From the kitchen to the computer!

Once again, during the 2nd cohort of CodeBoxx, a host of stories worthy of mention were born. Among them, that of Danny, former restoration contractor turned programmer. He tells us his story.

Danny Gauthier, May 30, 2019

Before CodeBoxx

I finished high school in the summer of 2000 in Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu. My grades in high school were correct, but nothing more. Probably because I was too distracted by my teenage life. I really did not know what to do with my life at this time. So I ended up doing a year of massage therapy before doing two sessions of CÉGEP in human sciences to finally move to Quebec. Normally, I would have had to continue my studies, but I did not do it. Instead, I went from job to job, from groceries to pharmacy to restaurants. This journey led me to start my own catering company specializing in lunch boxes in 2012. I also remember a delivery that had marked me by the beauty and class of offices of the business in question … .that business was Coveo!

I have always liked the computing and the problem solving associated with the configurations and the implementation of different solutions. During my years as an entrepreneur, I put online a website and different IT solutions, even if I had no programming knowledge. This is the reason why, once my adventure in restoration was over, I was greatly attracted by a career in technology. So I started my self-taught learning on the internet.

The training

In the week following my decision to sell my business, I saw an article in the newspaper mentioning the CodeBoxx School of Technology. The business model seemed perfectly adapted so that I could go head to head in a future career in technology. So I decided to try it.

So here we are, on January 21, 2019, the first day of cohort # 2 with my future colleagues who would become my brothers in arms. From the beginning, the type of training, emulating a context in business gave me confidence. The hectic pace of the training came to encourage me to give my best, because I knew that after the 16 weeks of grueling training, a paying job in technology was waiting for me.

Week after week, I constantly assimilated notions that I never had the reflex to learn by myself, such as teamwork using a source code manager, database management, implementation a complete information system, what is an API, how to create it and how to interact with those of several well-known companies in the market, etc.

So I’m really proud of my choice to trust CodeBoxx school to guide me in my technology learning. The latter is far from over, one of the things we learn is that learning is perpetual in technology and therefore, it can continue in business with a solid base of tools that I developed at CodeBoxx.

After CodeBoxx

In the last few weeks of CodeBoxx training, partner companies have begun to focus on our new skills, but also on our attitude at work. These companies know very well that in order to successfully complete a course like CodeBoxx, students must demonstrate commitment and perseverance. Now that the training is over, I feel that my learning is really starting. I still have everything to learn to become the best version of myself possible and it will still be very intense, but it does not scare me!

So here is the ultimate moment of this adventure: Less than a year ago, I delivered meals at Coveo, and today I signed a Javascript developer contract for this same company, one of the the most prominent technology companies in all of Quebec!

In other words, in the space of 6 months, I will be a restoration contractor at Coveo! Such a drastic career change can be intimidating, but with the tools and attitudes I’ve developed at CodeBoxx and my great determination, I’m ready to face any challenges that come my way!

Thanks CodeBoxx! Thanks to the whole team!


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