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Preliminary appraisal: Phenomenal numbers!

When CodeBoxx celebrates its 1st birthday on August 27th, the 3rd cohort will be a few weeks away from graduation. At the same time, participants in this cohort will be a few weeks away from the start of their technology careers. This accomplishment will at the same time enable CodeBoxx to reach and surpass the symbolic mark of 50 graduates.

In less than a year, CodeBoxx has produced nearly 50 new developers for the market. It’s just amazing! As you can see, we have a series of current publications that speak individually about CodeBoxx graduates, but we want to present a more global picture of our results. We will be producing a more detailed report as part of our first anniversary in the fall, but we wanted to present our results after 2 cohorts.

Here are the few highlights:

  • 42 graduates
  • Base salary starting at $ 46,000 / year and up to $ 67,000 / year! As a result, our graduates are among the top 30% of the richest in the province right from the start of their technology careers after 16 weeks of training and are destined for a bright future in the field.
  • 6 elite partner companies
  • More than 400 registrations since our beginnings

As you can see, the numbers speak for themselves. The young NPO of Quebec by founder Nicolas Genest has had some extraordinary first months. The best is yet to come for all those graduates for whom everything is allowed in the future. Young dropouts now have quality jobs and a future full of promises that they may not have had just a few months ago. Others have completely reoriented their careers in just 4 months and have started their new life in technologies in high quality companies. All our graduates have unique stories to tell about their course before CodeBoxx, but they are forever linked by the same force: They are CodeBoxx forever!


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