Andrew Roy: Seizing your breakthrough opportunity!

We are very happy to present the story of Andrew, 19, who represents exactly the young adult type of participants who can benefit from the opportunity CodeBoxx offers them. Andrew seized that opportunity and now, it is his time to shine! 

Before CodeBoxx

In June 2018, I finished High School and I was still unsure what to do next. Since I’ve always struggled in school, grade-wise and motivation-wise, I decided to take a year off to seek what my next step should be. I’ve always been around computers and had a knack for technologies, so working in a field related to those components was a no brainer. What scared me the most about pursuing programming in CÉGEP was the admission requirements to enter these programs. While I was still in High school and way before the 1st cohort, my dad told me about CodeBoxx. To be honest, I have to admit I was doubtful, it was too good to be true: a job guaranteed in just a couple of months! It felt like it couldn’t work. After seeing the success of the 1st cohort, I changed my mind and told myself: “Maybe it can work for me too”. Fast forward to December 2018: my dad and I applied together to participate in the 2nd cohort that was starting in January.

During CodeBoxx

Every single week of the bootcamp was hard for someone like me who never wrote a line of code before. Nothing was given out for free. Everything was earned. On the human side, the people that I’ve met there (coaches, participants, people working for CodeBoxx) were simply amazing. I’ve made many great friends and some of them are now my coworkers. If you haven’t written a line of code like me, be prepared to learn a lot in a very short period of time, there’s no messing around. You must be 100% dedicated. Most of the time, we stayed up until midnight on Fridays to make sure our weekly deliverable met all the requirements. In the last weeks of Odyssey, we had the chance to watch presentations from companies like Coveo, La Capitale, and Cybercat, where they all explained what they had to offer and the variety of fields a developer can work in if they work for them.

After CodeBoxx

Shortly after completing CodeBoxx, I was offered a job to work for them and as I’m writing this, I’ve never had more fun at work. The projects that we have the chance to work on are very interesting and motivating, our working environment is stimulating and my coworkers are great. After a few months at CodeBoxx’s digital workshop, Coveo, a partner of CodeBoxx, asked to interview me again and offered me a position following the interview. So now I have the chance to work for one of the most recognized tech companies in the province! If I had to make the choice again, I would register again right away without hesitation. Thank you CodeBoxx!


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