CodeBoxx celebrates its 1st anniversary !!!

On August 27, 2019, CodeBoxx School of Technology celebrates its 1st birthday !! The last year was literally exceptional, as CodeBoxx went from a concept and list of registrants to an unambiguous proof of concept and a list of well-staffed graduates !!!

Indeed, on August 27, 2018, the 1st cohort of CodeBoxx started. The first brave men and women embarked on this adventure which was filled with promises, but which was limited to these for the moment. A year later, the results are fabulous: an irrefutable proof of concept, more than 50 graduates with unique human stories, an undeniable social and economic contribution and a proven solution to the problem of labor shortage that affects the field of technologies.

Results so convincing that CodeBoxx is already at the heart of an expansion process that will see a new campus open in January in Montreal, where the enthusiasm for the concept and the program is unprecedented in the young history of CodeBoxx!

In an approach that pushes us to always do more, we have the intention to make our 2nd year an event better year than the first!

CodeBoxx, it’s only getting started!


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