Women in tech: 33% of the graduates of the 3rd cohort are women!

When Nadya Fortier, executive director of CodeBoxx, accepted the mandate to launch the school, she did so obviously for the social and economic mission of CodeBoxx, but also for a very special mission that is close to her heart: to increase the participation of women in IT. Being a woman in tech herself, she knows very well what she is talking about and is best placed to come up with ideas and mechanisms that will help us improve that. That’s what she’s been doing since joining the company, and it’s CodeBoxx in its entirety that carries this goal.

While the 3rd cohort has just finished, we can say that the progress made and the efforts put forward during the last year have born fruit, while no less than 33% of graduates of the 3rd cohort of CodeBoxx are women! It’s just exceptional!

Currently in technology, women represent only 20% of the workforce. Reaching 33% in such a short time demonstrates the effectiveness of our initiatives and the CodeBoxx’s seriousness in this mission: “It is very important for me to open up the world of technology to women, we are very proud of the place occupied by women in our 3rd cohort and will continue to work to democratize this area filled with opportunities for women! “concludes our executive director.

The best is yet to come! CodeBoxx, it’s only getting started!


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