CodeBoxx: The solution to current and future problems!

When CodeBoxx was launched in 2018, we had only promises to offer both companies and participants. 12 months later, the staggering results of our first year of operation have completely changed the game! Our concept and program have now been proven, the technical quality of our graduates has been put to the test and some of our partners have even incorporated CodeBoxx into their growth plan for years to come. In addition to its new Montreal campus, which will open in January 2020, CodeBoxx is exploring opportunities to open another campus in 2020 in another Canadian city.

CodeBoxx is positioned as THE fast and effective solution to the current problems of shortage of manpower, but also of modernization of the manpower. Much of CodeBoxx’s success comes from the pragmatism the technology industry has to demonstrate in order to solve the serious problems it faces. A survey conducted by TechnoMontréal in industry indicates that nearly two-thirds of respondents (61%) face recruitment and talent retention issues, which, among other things, postpone growth plans for the first time. half of these (51%). This is a major issue and a huge obstacle to the modernization of several companies.

In addition to the shortage problem in which CodeBoxx provides a proven solution, in an even more global vision, we can see that the modernization of the workforce is, and will be, a major challenge in the years to come. Here is an excerpt from the last “White Paper of Technology” published by TechnoMontréal a few weeks ago:

“The digital transformation is not a distant phenomenon, it is unfolding today and businesses, institutions and workers must adapt without delay to remain competitive at the Quebec, Canadian and global levels. , the extent of the current need for talent and the rapid transformation of the labor market are leading to a change in the job descriptions and qualifications sought, and governments and major contractors must take this into account in their hiring criteria by valuing more experience and transversal skills and reducing the importance given to diplomas obtained In the context of labor scarcity, no employer or contractor can afford to deprive himself of all available talents A large number of professionals currently in employment will also have to requalify (reskilling) or improve (upskilling) to be The “Future of Jobs 2018″ report says that this is the case for no less than 54% of workers worldwide. Continuing education for workers with digital skills is the highest priority field in which educational institutions should intervene for 39% of respondents to the TechnoMontreal survey, and the requalification of other workers towards digital technology for 32% of respondents. between them.”

Just like for the problem of labor shortage, CodeBoxx is once again positioning itself as a major player in this re-qualification of the workforce that will be essential to the growth of Quebec’s technology industry.

CodeBoxx is the ideal alternative: find and train all this unexploited cognitive potential across the province to redirect it to high-paying technology jobs. It’s a win-win…… win! In short, everyone wins!

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