Guillaume Jacques: Adding tools to your toolbox!

In one of our most recent articles, we mentioned that CodeBoxx is positioned as THE fast and effective solution to face the problems of labor shortage, but also of modernization of the manpower that will be necessary in the next years. As many if not more jobs will emerge from future technological changes, but these new jobs will require a higher technical level. It is with this objective to add tools to his toolbox that Guillaume Jacques became interested and registered for CodeBoxx. In fact, he even did so in collaboration with his employer, who quickly understood the added value that CodeBoxx would bring to his employee and, by the same token, to his business following the training. Guillaume’s example is the perfect example of what may happen more and more in the future. Here is his journey.

Guillaume Jacques, December 5, 2019

After finishing high school, I was on the job market for a few years and finally returned to school 5 years later to do a DEC in Computer Systems Technology. During this DEC, I learned the design, manufacture and programming of electronic system as well as C / C ++ programming. As a result of this training, I found myself at Logitex, an industrial automation company. This is where I gained a solid foundation in computer science, in charge of the preparation of computer systems for our various projects but also at the programming level by working daily in the programming of industrial PLCs and systems interface. Despite all the challenges we face regularly, the industrial field is evolving very slowly and takes a lot of time to integrate new technologies.

When I heard about CodeBoxx for the first time, a desire to participate grew slowly in me. The idea of ​​learning new programming languages ​​and the use of new development tools attracted me a lot. More than anything, it’s mostly the boot camp formula that joined me because although I could learn the same thing by myself via the web, the boot camp brought me a motivation, a stimulating environment but especially the support of people experience to guide me to the right tools and solutions to the problems I might encounter.

It was in January 2018 that I made the first steps to participate in CodeBoxx and 6 months later, this materialized by announcing that I was selected to be part of the first cohort. At that time, it was clear to me that I wanted to participate but I was in a dilemma: continue to do a job that I enjoy or drop everything and get into the CodeBoxx adventure. Fortunately, this dilemma was short lived because after discussion with my employer, we jointly agreed that my participation in CodeBoxx would be an asset to the company and I was given the green light to get involved in this project.

By starting the Genesis program, I quickly found my ease in the boot camp formula because it looks very much like the reality of a job in an SME, the one I’ve known for the last 10 years: having to learn quickly new languages ​​and new tools for the success of a project in a very short time. Despite my programming experience and my ability to work in the fast pace that CodeBoxx requires, I had to work hard for my success. 15-hour days and 70-80 hours were frequent, but the environment and atmosphere we worked in greatly facilitated the task. All the participants showed dedication and mutual help, not to mention the great availability of coaches who had to continue their work in parallel with student requests.

I must sincerely thank CodeBoxx because it is an incredible experience that brought me new knowledge, of course, but also greater confidence in my ability to adapt to the unknown. Finally, I want to specifically thank Rémi Gagnon, my personal coach, for his dedication and commitment to our success.

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