The second chance of Thomas Carrier!

Thomas Carrier, February 11th 2020

Before CodeBoxx, I was one of those young people who had no idea what he wanted to do as a job. It caused me some problems since although I had no difficulty in school, it did not bring me any challenge and therefore, a big lack of motivation. So I didn’t take school seriously and my level of effort was greatly affected. I am one of those students for whom the school system failed despite the fact that I had no real learning difficulties.

It all changed the day my father told me about a programming bootcamp he had heard of: CodeBoxx. At first, I was skeptical, but I ended up telling myself that this is a field relatively close to my personal interests and that it was worth giving it a try. In addition, the intensive 16-week program concept appealed to me much more than a few years of traditional schooling. This is how my CodeBoxx journey started!

So this is how 17 year-old Thomas, full of confidence, took his first steps at CodeBoxx, in an exceptional place with a renowned program and full of great people. Unfortunately, despite respectable results during the Genesis program, my lack of seriousness and effort were the elements that triggered my first failure during the Odyssey program. Fortunately, it was the first and only failure of my journey. The mistake I made was to believe that it would be as easy as traditional school programs. It was a defeat that I took the hard way, but didn’t accept and that motivated me to come back pumped up a few months later. I therefore returned home during cohort 2, with the certainty that I will come back in force for cohort 4.

So in September 2019, as expected, I returned to CodeBoxx. Well prepared and ready to break the expectations and challenges that awaited me, and with a strong desire to correct the elements that have harmed me in the past. 16 weeks later, with a lot of work, effort, and an impeccable level of commitment, I managed to carve out a place in the top 5 of the cohort! A result that made me very proud, considering my my first performance.

Now that a few weeks have passed since the end of my cohort, other challenges await me as my journey at CodeBoxx continues, this time as a developer for the digital workshop, but also as an apprentice coach of the next cohorts. The values ​​that the course brought to me are imbued in my daily life and go with me in everything I do! I am extremely grateful and proud to be able to work at CodeBoxx …… and to be able to call this place home!

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