CodeBoxx: The perfect learning pace for Alexandre Perron!

At CodeBoxx, in order to succeed, the participant must be very committed and must not be afraid to put in the necessary efforts. Therefore, the pace set by the bootcamp might not fit with everyone’s current situation and needs. For Alexandre Perron, graduate of the 3rd cohort, it is rather the opposite: what brought him to CodeBoxx is the speed and intensity of the training! In 4 months, participants learn the tools and practices that will make them operational and productive developers on the job market. Alexandre is the perfect example of the young man who quickly wants to find his niche on the job market. He briefly tells us his story.

Alexandre Perron, February 20th, 2020

Before Codeboxx, I always wanted to have a career in IT. I went through Cégep Limoilou while I started a course in robotics and network management, but nothing caught my attention. Everything was always too slow for the pace I wanted to have.

So I gave up on IT and got a job in the retail industry. About two years later, I heard about CodeBoxx from a family member who was interested in the bootcamp. I immediately registered for cohort #4 which started in September 2019. Following a last minute withdrawal in cohort #3, I was contacted by the CodeBoxx team to inquire about my interest to be part of cohort #3 which started in a few weeks, in May 2019. I immediately accepted, so I quit my job and went to live the CodeBoxx experience.

Following the 16-week bootcamp, I got hired by one of CodeBoxx’s partners, Coveo. Coveo is one of the greatest private companies the Quebec has, as it is a unicorn (private company with a valuation of more than 1B$). I now work at a place I love as a R&D developer and I couldn’t be happier in my new role!

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