Graduate Profile: The challenge seeker!

Étienne Bossé, graduate from the 4th cohort, April 24th, 2020

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a very analytical and thorough person. My attention to detail and a logical approach have always been at the heart of everything I have learned in my life. I like to understand the why of things, and especially how to improve them. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in geography from Université Laval in Quebec City, I then worked for an insurance company. Wanting to reorient myself in the technology industry, where there is an infinity of challenges and an equally important demand, I decided, in January 2018, to enroll in a computer technology course in a traditional institution. However, the formula of having only one or two lectures per day, theoretical exams on paper; and in French only, was beyond me. It was then that at the end of August 2019, on a whim, that I signed up for the fourth cohort of CodeBoxx. A few days later, I was there; ready to successfully complete this 16 week course! This Bootcamp without theoretical exam and without lectures was not going to be simple.

From the welcome conference to the final day of training, challenges never go away at CodeBoxx. Having a programming background due to my brief stint in computer science in a college institution, I was off to a great start. It must be said that the first weeks fell into my strings and into what I love most: programming and taking on a complex problem and bringing it towards a simple and functional solution. From week to week, cooperation, mutual aid, knowledge sharing and so on, are very important and necessary qualities for the success of all candidates. It is only with the strengths and support of each team member that real success is possible. Sharing mistakes and pitfalls is also important in order to progress further towards success.

After my time at CodeBoxx, did I come out of it growing up? Certainly yes! It’s a no brainer! Better work discipline, better team management, etc.

Since then, I have worked as an operational analyst with the federal government in Orléans, Ontario. Challenges and projects do not scare me since, at CodeBoxx, having to face the unknown is part of the daily challenge. In addition, thanks to the CodeBoxx training program and, of course, the team behind this extraordinary project, it is possible for me to bring my current work team further and to optimize the accomplishment of our daily tasks. In other words, go the “Extra Mile”, one of the pillars of training!

Finally, to current and future candidates: at CodeBoxx, success is closely linked to the work structure, the sense of analysis, multiple searches, teamwork, collaboration, don’t be afraid to ask for help when necessary and never settle for the minimum.

Remember: an elephant must be eaten one bite at a time!

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