Major accomplishment: CodeBoxx delivers its 5th and 6th cohorts!

In what could be described as a little miracle considering the circumstances of the past 2 months, CodeBoxx is proud to announce the completion of the 5th and 6th cohorts in its history, including its very first Montreal cohort! Indeed it is today Friday May 15th that the participants of our 2 campuses end their 16-week journey which began in late January.

An amazing feat

As you learned in one of our most recent press releases, due to the current pandemic, we had to move our cohorts online overnight in March. Our program being delivered in an optimal way with a significant physical presence of the participants, having to move to a remote training with only a few hours of notice represented a major challenge. An important challenge for our team and our coaches who had to adapt the remaining weeks of training so that the content continues to be delivered in the right way, but also for the participants, who had to be alone at home. Working from home can bring many challenges in the context of regular employment. In a bootcamp context, the mountain is even higher and the challenges even more numerous, especially without notice as it was the case due to the crisis we are going through. Nevertheless, the transition went very smoothly and the results are impressive.

Adapted training

Led by our general manager Nadya Fortier, our team will have successfully adapted the training to the current context. The support offered to participants and the quality of the program were maintained. Our requirements in terms of commitment, deliverables, deadlines and availability were clear at all times and nothing was left to chance during the training. Therefore, we would like to take a few minutes to highlight the accomplishment, to thank and congratulate the entire CodeBoxx team, our coaches and all the graduates who finish today! Without everyone’s contribution and effort, the outcome of these 4 months of training would have been quite different. Congratulations to everybody!

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