Launch of the 7th and 8th cohorts of CodeBoxx !!

After the completion of our 5th and 6th cohorts just a few days ago, we launch this week the 7th and 8th cohorts of CodeBoxx in our 2 campuses …… virtually of course! As you may have read recently on our different platforms, these 2 new cohorts are starting remotely because of the current situation with the COVID-19. With the gradual resumption of activities, we are following the announcements from the various levels of government very closely, but our candidates are prepared and motivated to follow the 16 weeks of training remotely. We hope and we are building our planning for a return to our premises in Montreal and Quebec for our next cohorts that start in mid-September.

Summer cohorts

Summer cohorts always pose an additional challenge for several reasons. First, applicants must be prepared to spend their summer indoors. Since the cohort stretches from May to September and the workload is very heavy, candidates must be ready to sacrifice part of their summer in order to successfully complete the training. Then, from a logistical point of view, we must plan the weeks of the cohort taking into account the vacations of the different actors involved in a CodeBoxx cohort. With the current crisis, the operational challenge are even more important, but fortunately, we can count on a team that spares no effort and that does what it takes to manage everything flawlessly. To give you a concrete and unprecedented example, as we do not currently have access to our premises for the reasons we know, we have relied on commercial parking lots in order to proceed with the loan of devices for all candidates who have used this option we offer!

September 2020 and January 2021

In closing, registrations for the upcoming cohorts of September 2020 and January 2021, both in Montreal and in Quebec, are opened! At this point, we are confident that the September cohorts will run normally on our premises, but if the situation changes, we will issue a press release and notify all registrants. Moreover, you will have noticed that we have also opened registrations for a potential new campus in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. The choice of cohort is the next available since, as mentioned, we must validate the organic demand for a campus before obtaining a more precise date for launching the campus.

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