Ellen Carnaval Holtz: Use CodeBoxx as my Springboard!

As part of our series of articles on our graduates, it is the turn of Ellen Carnaval Holtz, graduating in the 3rd cohort, to tell us about her experience. Ellen has an extraordinary career and she is the perfect example of what CodeBoxx is able to offer to an immigrant community whose diplomas, obtained in their country of origin, are not recognized by the Quebec state. Here is his story.

Ellen Carnaval Holtz, October 11, 2019

CodeBoxx was for me a great change in life and career. Following my law degree from Opet University in Brazil and my experience working with Brazilian justice, I arrived in Canada in May 2017, without knowing how to speak French and without knowing what to do with my professional life. My diploma not being completely recognized here, I had to go back to school to adapt with the rules from here.
When I decided to come to Quebec, I was open to the possibility of changing careers, because I wanted to live the experience of living in Canada. After learning the language and working in other areas, I realized it was time to decide where to go and I was very indecisive at the time.
Although I loved my career before, I did not want to continue it here. Technologies have always been something that appealed to me, but I did not think it was for me. I was more attracted to the human side and I thought I would not find that aspect on the technology field. At the beginning of 2019, I saw an article about CodeBoxx which presented its concept, but also presented many testimonials from graduates and it changed my perception of the field. I decided to try and embark on the adventure.
What an incredible experience I went through! It was not easy, it was one of the biggest challenges of my life! First, there was the subject that was new to me, there was also the language but also the learning method that was new to me. I put a lot of effort, but every ounce of energy invested was worth it.
I had the chance to learn so much and discover that I can do much more than what I imagined possible at first. Today, I have a job as a developer and I am super happy with the position I got at La Capitale Assurance, a partner of CodeBoxx. There are always challenges to overcome, but I have the passion and motivation to continue my learning every day.
Thanks to CodeBoxx!


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