It's a start for the 9th and 10th cohorts of CodeBoxx!

This week is the start of the 9th and 10th cohorts of CodeBoxx in our 2 respective “remote” campuses! Obviously, like we announced a few weeks ago, the 2 physical campuses will once again turn into 1 large remote campus due to COVID restrictions. While CodeBoxx has celebrated its 2nd anniversary just a few days ago, 10 cohorts is yet another important milestone that is reached by CodeBoxx! With our aggressive expansion plan, part of which was announced a few weeks ago with the upcoming Tampa Bay campus, we will reach 10 more very quickly over the next few months!

As always, the journey of dozens and dozens of candidates begins with the Genesis program which acts as the selection test or the training camp. These 2 intensive weeks validate several elements for the candidate. First, although open to everyone, CodeBoxx offers ultra-accelerated learning and that might not be suited for everyone. The candidate can thus take the measure of the intensity of the program and validate if it is right for him and if he has what it takes to move on to the next step, namely the Odyssey program. In addition, since more than half of CodeBoxx registrants and graduates have never programmed before the bootcamp, Genesis is an excellent introduction to validate the interest and the passion for the field of technology.

We are always very happy and impressed to read the journeys of candidates who start Genesis and who gain an extraordinary opportunity to start a new career in technology. One of our missions which is very dear to us is to offer everyone an opportunity to change their life in 4 months and it is to accomplish this mission that our concept contains practically no barrier to entry!

Registrations for the January 2021 cohorts are open as well as May 2021 for our existing campuses. Registrations for our new Tampa Campus are also open and performing very well so far!

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