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Tampa Bay Campus: The first cohort is already half full!

Only a few weeks after opening the registrations for a new campus in Tampa Bay, the 1st cohort is already half full !! We are truly amazed by the response we are getting from the community as a whole! It is the first time in our history that so many seats are reserved so early in the process! The announcement of the new campus for 2021 has attracted the interest of renowned media outlets of the area. Margie Manning at the St. Pete Catalyst produced a great piece on our arrival so did Lauren Coffey from the Tampa Bay Business Journal!

It is also a great feat given the fact it’s too early to set a specific start date! The only thing we can tell you is the more registrations we get, the sooner we will officially launch! To maintain our momentum in the upcoming weeks, our team will organize info sessions and Q&A sessions across the Tampa Bay Area. Stay tuned!
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If you want more details about the full process leading to the first day of the cohort, we invite you to read the following article from our website: CodeBoxx: How does it work?

About CodeBoxx

CodeBoxx has 2 business units: a coding bootcamp and a digital workshop. CodeBoxx’s proprietary program and unique concept lower the barrier to entry for candidates: everyone is accepted, a high-performance laptop is loaned to candidates who request one, tuition fees are only paid once graduates are hired and a job is guaranteed to every graduate thanks to CodeBoxx’s partner companies and its digital workshop! The concept gives young dropouts, immigrants, people reorienting their career or looking to upskill their toolbox, a unique opportunity to launch their career in tech! The hands-on program combines hard skills and soft skills to transform participants into operational developers.

With its Digital Workshop, CodeBoxx offers a variety of services, specializing in digital transformations. Currently performing several major projects with businesses across North America. The unique element of the workshop is that every project is carried out by some graduates of the bootcamp providing them real work experience under the supervision of experienced IT professionals.

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