Agnes Vizvari: Finding a true passion

My Canadian adventure started 2 years ago. Imagine me as someone who enjoys discovering new countries, being challenged and learning continuously, so I am not the typical type of adventurer: neither a base-jumper nor a hundred miles hiker.

I am coming from a little country, Hungary, to a slightly bigger one: to be precise more than 100 times bigger. It took a while to process this size. What amazes me most here, is not only the quantity of snow, but also the endless flow of opportunities. Thanks to a great possibility, we landed next to Quebec City just a few months after experiencing Montreal. Our decision to move here would lead me, indirectly, to my true calling.

Despite my 2 diplomas and the effort put into developing my French, I was not able to find the right job. As I was starting to miss challenges, I decided to sit down and figure out which way I should choose. What resonates with me? What could be a challenge every day? Maybe something that can follow me, if I ever will be on the road again? Soon enough, I found my answer: a field that will give me everything I am looking for: programming. Continuous learning, lots of areas to discover, creativity, challenges, mobility and so much more. The best way to learn for me was obvious: find a great school, and attend a programming class, and CodeBoxx was the best option.

With CodeBoxx, programming has become my true passion. It gave me the opportunity to start a new, exciting chapter in my life. It was a really intense 16-week journey and I have learned a lot during that short period of time. What I really loved in this course was the business simulation approach! The bootcamp felt like a real life experience as we worked in teams and individually too, while answering for our fictitious client’s needs. CodeBoxx is focusing both on the soft skills and the technical competencies, which is a huge advantage on the job market. Of course there were hard and confusing times but luckily a wonderful team of coaches backed us up. We learned how to deal with these tough moments and the school supported us in every possible way! I learned how to answer unexpected events, as we were the “COVID cohort” and we had to finish the bootcamp remotely from the middle of the program.

Soon after graduating, I got an offer from CodeBoxx to work for their Digital Solutions business. There are many challenging and interesting projects. Based on my results and my interests, they offered me the perfect mission. I am working on Business Intelligence for a clothing company located in Los Angeles.

I would have never dreamt that programming would be that amazing. I am really happy I made this choice: it was a life changer.

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