Alexis’ journey: A young “gamer” turned developer!

Alexis Grenier, January 2021

Before CodeBoxx

Before CodeBoxx, I was already somewhat active in IT as I have always been passionate of electronic and techno stuff since I was very young. I had different game servers (Arma 3, Counter Strike, GTA, etc) with some of my friends. There isn’t much we haven’t done and we had a lot of fun. It was my first experience with programming. My first lines of code were in LUA, a somewhat niche language, but which is widely used in the world of video games and therefore, it seemed to be the perfect learning model for me, since it combined 2 of my passions, programming and video games.

I finished high school even if I hated school so bad, but I completed it anyway. Then my father told me about CodeBoxx, which had just announced in the previous weeks that they were launching a new campus in Montreal in the next few months, and so we went to one of the meetings. That’s when I decided to register and change my life. I went to shake hands with the CodeBoxx representative after the meeting and said: “You can be sure that I will be there for the 1st cohort”. I kept my promise and the cohort started on January 27th, 2020.

During CodeBoxx

On day 1, I arrived at CodeBoxx with virtually no programming experience as I had never done JavaScript, Python, etc. I knew how to write a simple function in LUA, how to use a Mysql database, or how to use the Linux operating system on my computer, but beyond that I knew next to nothing. My inexperience was a nasty slap in the face during Genesis, but I still managed to pull through thanks to my thirst for learning and my motivation. It is really these 2 elements and my determination that allowed me to overcome the challenges one by one. At 19 and with only a few beard hairs on my chin, I arrived from a high school where I was the oldest and suddenly I was the youngest of the cohort! It was a shock! I didn’t need a lot of time to make new friends in the cohort. I met some great people during my cohort and it was an amazing experience meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. You have to understand that I come from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, where most of the inhabitants of my part of the country speak only French and were born and raised in Quebec. At CodeBoxx, I had the opportunity to have colleagues who spoke Spanish, Russian, English, etc, and who come from all over the world! It has been a very rewarding 4 months and I would redo the training again tomorrow without hesitation!

After CodeBoxx

Since I finished CodeBoxx, I launched myself fully into the world of programming through the Digital Solutions business unit of CodeBoxx. I was able to work on several different projects where I built a JavaScript library, video games, discord bots, websites, APIs, databases, etc., and with each passing day, I learn more and more. I love trying new technologies, learning more about how it works, the why of such language, etc. I also love to spend my free time on some personal projects and I am now always curious to examine how this or that thing was programmed or to know what technologies certain sites were built on. I still have this great thirst to learn deep inside me and that’s one of the most important things once you get into the tech industry as a developer. I love to learn new things and am constantly looking to improve my programming skills. One of the things I enjoy the most about what I do is seeing the evolution and progression of my code and my projects. Sometimes I open old code I wrote and can’t believe I wrote this! It’s a great feeling to spend hours on something and see the results afterwards.

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