Le Panier Bleu Report, Technological Capabilities section, Issue #2: The use of omnichannel in Quebec

This is the 2nd post of a series that is used to zoom in on some issues that were identified by CodeBoxx and its CEO Nicolas Genest in their report on the technological capabilities of the commerce as part of their role in the broader Le Panier Bleu report.

Issue 2: The use of omnichannel in Quebec

All regions where high-speed internet is available have access to digital commerce platforms or solutions. However, greater population density increases the diversity and performance of logistics services that support digital commerce. Products can thus be offered through a multitude of channels and experiences. The challenge becomes maintaining knowledge of customers and their expectations through this multitude of experiences in order to maintain a relevance that promotes purchasing. For example, how can a customer’s in-store purchase history provide an enriched experience for the customer the next time they visit the store’s website? Or, how do you tell store workers that a customer deserves special treatment because of their loyalty or long-term value?

Recommendation: Understand and anticipate digital journeys

Our experts propose to dissect the consumption journeys according to the motivations, categories and contexts of the different customers, in order to fully understand them and provide retail experiences that better meet expectations, regardless of the channel (store , Web, mobile, etc.). The idea here is therefore to help traders plan the next steps in their development by assessing both their current situation and prioritizing their resources in order to perform in order to access and serve the markets they aspire to. optimally. This assistance could in particular be personalized in response to a diagnostic questionnaire that can be included when the merchant signs up for the Blue Basket. Before implementing this solution, we must identify the most critical stages in the growth of a Quebec business and establish the best technological tools and best practices to help businesses at each of these stages. The knowledge base related to the tools and practices will then have to be developed and made easily accessible. The questionnaire provided upon accession should be part of a much larger action. We can speak, for example, of a source of educational information or access to webinars for the merchant, access to concrete and targeted expertise, the search for local suppliers, evaluation of technological tools, tool support, summaries of government funding programs, etc. In short, this questionnaire, its diagnostics and the technologies, knowledge and services offered in response to the findings can become an anchor point in making the Blue Basket an essential reference in terms of e-commerce.

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