Le Panier Bleu Digital Maturity Self-Diagnosis Tool: CodeBoxx Digital Solutions can help you!

In the wake of the deposit of the Le Panier Bleu report, one of the recommendations was to determine the company’s level of digital maturity. To do this, the Panier Bleu has created and made available to businesses on its website, a digital maturity self-diagnostic tool that aims to inform all stakeholders in the retail ecosystem about the different levels of maturity developed as part of the Workshops on the Future of Retail Trade in Quebec. After answering the eight questions, the user will receive by email a simple report that summarizes your level of maturity and directs you to the main elements of the Panier Bleu’s Chantiers on the Future of Retailing in Quebec report.

You can complete the analysis here:

Why are we talking to you about this? Since in connection with its contribution to the Panier Bleu technological capabilities project and following the announcement of this new tool, CodeBoxx Digital Solutions is very happy to offer you its personalized services to support you with your technological needs that will emerge from your analysis. . Once you have your report ready, just complete the registration form on the website here:

Our team will get in touch with you and we will analyze your report with you to determine the best course of action for the future.

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