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CodeBoxx Tampa Bay: Here’s where our HQ and new campus will be!

When we recently announced that the first in-person cohort of the new Tampa Bay Campus will be launched this summer, we told you we would disclose our official address very very soon! Well, it’s time! As you know, we have chosen St. Pete for our HQ and new campus, but we can now confirm we will be in the Thrive DTSP building located on 4th Street North right off downtown St. Pete, thanks to a great partnership with the St. Pete Chamber and St. Pete Greenhouse.

Just like for our other locations, CodeBoxx has not skimped on the quality of the facilities in which participants will be immersed intensely for 4 months, cohort after cohort. We give our participants all the tools they need to ensure and promote their success. In this way, we leave them no excuses that could explain a failure. Dining area, collaboration area, “workpods” for individual work, entertainment area, showers, rest rooms, etc., are available to participants at all times.

CodeBoxx truly wants to become a household name in the whole Tampa Bay region and is looking forward to bring its contribution! Stay tuned for more announcements in the upcoming weeks!


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