CodeBoxx: How it works?

1. Registration

The first step, for those who are convinced that CodeBoxx is a true option for them after reading the information available, is to fill out the registration form available on the website. We ask multiple questions in order to gather valuable information about your background, your education and your aspirations. All that information won’t disqualify you in any way. CodeBoxx is open to all! We truly want to put emphasis on the fact that filling out the form is already a step that confirms your interest in committing to a future cohort. Therefore, by filling out the form, you are demonstrating your seriousness to follow through with the entire enrollment process that will lead you to the first day of the cohort. The form is not an information request!

2. The Enrollment Process

Your registration triggers the enrollment process that is made of 3 steps. First, you must complete 3 quizzes:

  • General technology knowledge
  • English proficiency
  • Personality

We want to identify your type of personality so we can introduce you to compatible teammates and coaches that will know how to best assist you. Again, it is important to remind you that none of these tests will prevent your enrollment, but they are mandatory. If you complete all the steps of the enrollment process, you’ll be automatically admitted as a candidate.

Second, once your 3 quiz results are in, another email will be sent to you containing 2 contracts of 1 page each. One is for the duration of the training, the other is for the process beyond a successful or unsuccessful completion of the program. You are required to sign the agreements electronically and these signatures will trigger the 3rd step.

Third, a payment request for a 100% refundable security deposit of $2,000 will be sent. This amount will be refunded in full upon completion of the program. This deposit is the necessary skin in the game we want every participant to have so they have the motivation to finish the program, but also for them to fully understand how privilege they are to have a seat in a cohort. Moreover, it acts as a protection on the laptops we lend. Once the deposit is recorded, you are officially admitted at CodeBoxx as a candidate and you are committed to focus on the bootcamp for the full 16 weeks. The last email you will receive following the deposit will contain the mandatory preparatory exercises. Therefore, you will be able to start the preparation process ahead of the official start date. You must know the completion of these exercises plays a big role in your success at CodeBoxx. Then, it’s time to start the cohort!

3. Genesis: The selection program!

When the cohort starts, it begins with the selection program called ‘Genesis’, which lasts for two weeks. During these 2 weeks, you will be required to build, style, and deploy a website in a secure cloud with requirements that must be adhered to. This program is meant to evaluate if the participants have what it takes to move on to the next step. In other words, it can be compared to a training camp. The 2 main objectives of Genesis are the following:

  • For participants, validation of the motivation and the interest they have for the technology sector
  • For CodeBoxx, validation of the participants’ capacity to move on the Odyssey program

In other words, this program guarantees that the participants that successfully complete Genesis have the commitment, the attitude, the work ethic, the determination and the required basic skills and reflexes to be just as successful for the rest of the training, the Odyssey Program. The candidates that complete Genesis, but fail the reach the minimum requirements, are refunded their 2000$ deposit in full. Participants who give up during Genesis are not eligible for a refund.

4. The Odyssey Program

Following the two-week Genesis program, the selected candidates who are now participants begin this 14-week marathon that will lead them to launch their new career in tech. A new theme is introduced weekly, and deliverables based on specific requirements are due at the end of each week. Every week, our fictional company will submit you their requirements and their demands and you will have to fulfill them. The program is a combination of personal and collaborative work, plus a mid-program individual consolidation week that will validate your learning. The program is fast-paced and highly demanding on many levels. Here are a few important elements that will answer some questions:

  • There are no lectures at CodeBoxx. You will be teamed up with a coach who will be in charge of assisting you during the entire course of the program. On some weekly projects you will work in teams composed of 5 to 6 other participants. For other weeks, you will be assigned individual challenges. Some projects include a workload that will simply be too hefty to be handled by one individual, and it will have to be broken down and distributed among team members. Collaboration during these assignments will enable you to contribute to the success of a team and will most importantly develop your ability to trust others and get the most out of your teammates to deliver quality solutions and maximize your ranking.
  • The training is given in-class and it is very important that it stays that way for purposes of evaluation and success. Some participants in the past have tried to do it part time or from home and they failed every time.
  • A minimum of 50h/week is necessary to go through the program and deliver quality every week. This number is an estimation based on experience we have with past cohorts. A participant with past experience developing and using the technology we chose might be able to produce quality deliverables within 30 hours, while someone entirely new to these concepts might need to invest up to 80+ hours of work. The most important aspect of CodeBoxx is commitment: CodeBoxx is a very intense bootcamp that requires all your energy, your focus and your motivation. You will be transformed in many ways after the 16 weeks.. You have to dedicate 100% of yourself to the program for its entire duration.

Obviously, we took that specific reality into consideration when we designed our state-of-the-art classroom. Various functional areas are at your disposal to allow you to get the most out of your presence and optimize your performance and productivity. Special efforts were made to allow you to focus on your tasks. We provide individual and collaborative workspaces, a kitchen, an entertainment area (ping pong, televisions, consoles, foosball, virtual reality, etc), as well as a rest area with beds and work tables that have all been designed for your comfort. You also have access to our meeting rooms and our auditorium where our conferences and presentations are held, as well as the gym located within the building.

5. Graduation, Placement and Tuition

Every week of the program, you accumulate points that give you a rank in the power ranking that is updated every monday. Those points are accumulated based on your deliverables, but also on your soft skills like leadership, attitude, collaboration, etc. A minimal level of points is needed to graduate from the program. You are likely to reach the level enabling us to introduce you to potential employers ahead of the program’s end date. The points you accumulate every week are meant to secure your position within the ‘power ranking’ that is shared and closely monitored by our partner circle. A successful journey will open three doors for you, and your tuition payment varies:

  • You are hired by one of the businesses of our partner circle. We will therefore send you a tuition invoice that equates to 20% of your first year gross salary excluding bonuses.
  • You join the team at CodeBoxx Agency to help us out with our many products, projects and clients all around the world. It comes with a 46-week commitment at a salary of 25$/h that will enable you to gain experience in a controlled environment that deeply understands your capabilities, and aims to develop further the skills you acquired during the training. In this case too, you will receive an invoice corresponding to 20% of your first year gross salary.
  • If you become a freelancer or go back to work with a previous employer, a $14,000 invoice will be sent to you. If you are planning on launching your own startup, our CodeBoxx Ventures entity will be more than happy to help out in as many ways as we can in the early inception days of your idea.

Important to note that the invoice your receive is payable in 6 months without interest, or a longer period with interests, through a personal loan with our partner financial institution. CodeBoxx takes on all the risks by guaranteeing a job and by only billing graduates once they are hired. It is an amazing opportunity for participants from all backgrounds and situations! We will only be paid if you succeed and graduate from the training. It is also important to mention at this point that all the proceeds realized from this operation in the context of any given cohort are entirely reinvested in the improvement of our infrastructures, our program, and in the expansion of our classrooms and networks in other markets.

6. Beyond the training: CodeBoxx forever!

Throughout our publications, you have already understood that CodeBoxx is more than just a school; it’s a truly legitimate movement that we love seeing grow. It’s a pragmatic response to the growing tensions in the labour market in the technology sector, and we are finally a true solution. CodeBoxx is for those who dropped out of school too early, immigrants wanting a better life, or even those already experienced who simply want to make a career change quickly. This movement is in its infancy, and there is a truly special place in history for those who will honor us with their trust and join this movement. Once you become CodeBoxx alumni, you remain one for life. You are welcome to come back to our facilities, or ask for help when you start a new job, a new project, or a new task. If you become stuck, our growing community can help out physically or online via slack channels that remain open. We honor those who come back to help out and feed the community with their time and knowledge. Amazing success stories are meant to be shared with the newly integrated participants. It helps to imagine themselves in their new career. We are meant to stay around for as long as you have a career. Our philosophy extends well beyond the actual boot camp experience itself.


Lorsque vous serez accepté(e) au Boot Camp

Pour intégrer le programme de CodeBoxx, tout commence par le formulaire d’inscription. Le processus de sélection une fois complété vous amènera à connaître votre date d’invitation au programme “Genesis” d’une durée de deux semaines. Cela signifiera aussi que vous êtes intelligent(e), mature, motivé(e) et responsable. Des qualités qui seront hautement valorisées dans votre futur contexte de travail que ce soit en tant qu’employé élite, programmeur indépendant ou encore entrepreneur fondateur de votre startup. Le bootcamp met à l’épreuve votre capacité à collaborer efficacement avec les autres et vos connaissances technologiques. En fait, et vous le réaliserez rapidement, les meilleurs participants au programme ne seront pas nécessairement des dieux de la programmation. C’est votre préparation mentale qui jouera le plus grand rôle dans votre succès à apprendre les notions techniques et résoudre les problèmes qui se poseront devant vous. Voici quelques éléments clé de cette préparation mentale. Cet article est inspiré d’une publication hors-paire en anglais disponible ici pour référence.


Ne Pas Faire:

#1  Ne pas surestimer ses habiletés et ses capacités

Surestimer ses talents et habiletés vient généralement d’un manque d’expérience et des excès de confiance sont attendus de la part de la plupart des débutants. Ces excès sont vite enrayés lorsque le participant prend de l’expérience à persévérer, sait ajuster ses expectatives et modifier ses comportements pour atteindre ses objectifs plutôt que de s’entêter dans des voies sans issue. Voici quelques points à ne pas sous-estimer dans un bootcamp afin de performer davantage:

  1. L’importance de taper vite et bien au clavier pour devenir un codeur productif (Au moins 70 mots par minute)
  2. Ne pas perdre de temps à réparer des erreurs insignifiantes
  3. Connaître ses repères au sein des systèmes d’exploitation et avoir des familiarités avec ses ordinateurs de travail
  4. Prendre soin de gérer et de compartimenter son temps
  5. Prendre des pauses régulièrement
  6. Gérer ses frustrations

Porter attention à tous ces points vont libérer temps et énergie qui pourront être consacrés à la collaboration, à la résolution de problèmes et à ajouter de la valeur à vos produits et vos solutions. De plus l’humilité et la retenue sont des traits hautement appréciés par des employeurs et des coéquipiers.

Voici quelques ressources qui permettent d’améliorer votre productivité:

#2 Pas de procrastination

Procrastiner transforme des dates de tombées confortables en véritables cauchemars et force des compromis sur la qualité et la profondeur des livrables qui ne sont pas toujours acceptables. Bien entendu toutes les formes de procrastination ne sont pas égales, prendre du recul face à un problème pour le comprendre dans son ensemble et valider la meilleure approche dans sa résolution permettra d’éviter “l’enlisement du développeur” (l’équivalent du syndrôme de la page blanche des auteurs). Ne sous-estimez pas le temps qui vous sera nécessaire pour accomplir une tâche. Donnez-vous plutôt de la marge et consultez des sources fiables pour tenter de gagner en productivité.

Mesurez votre temps de réalisation pauses incluses afin de parfaire vos estimations futures. Le focus est le meilleur remède contre la dissipation, et la procrastination.

#3 Ne pas abandonner trop tôt

Cette règle d’or s’applique autant aux projets en général qu’aux tâches individuelles qui la composent. Pour éviter l’abandon, il faut reconnaître l’importance que revêt un engagement ou une promesse. Il faut se promettre à soi-même de toujours terminer ce qu’on commence. Même si dans les faits ça ne sera pas le cas, il y a une distinction à faire entre l’abandon au premier signe de complexité et travailler dur jusqu’à ce que le mur ne frappe. En technologie, il existe un phénomène qu’on peut appeler la “Frustration Utile” qui suggère que les problèmes les plus complexes mènent à une plus grande créativité dans leur résolution. En termes de formation, il est fort probable que vous puissiez trouver une solution efficace à un problème via une simple recherche Google mais parfois, vouloir le résoudre soi-même mènera à une compréhension plus profonde et sera stockée dans une partie différente du cerveau qui témoignera d’une plus grande maîtrise.

Pour maintenir le cap sur la bonne direction, il vaut mieux éviter d’avoir trop de tâches en cours simultanément. Poursuivre seulement deux livres, cours ou tutoriels à la fois vous permettront de ne pas provoquer de découragement. Lorsque vous rencontrez un point de frustration, laissez le sujet en suspens pour y revenir plus tard. Entre-temps, n’essayez pas de trouver de solutions plus faciles ou de manoeuvres de contournement, conditionnez-vous plutôt à comprendre ce qui coince vraiment pour absolument terminer ce que vous avez commencé et ce sur quoi vous êtes attendu.

À Faire:

#1  Soyez honnête par rapport à vos capacités pour les améliorer

Nous avons tous nos forces et nos faiblesses. La cohorte qui entreprend le bootcamp avec vous comprendra des gens de divers horizons. Certains auront de l’expérience pertinente et contribueront significativement aux progrès du groupe. Cette dynamique ne se retrouve pas seulement dans le cadre du bootcamp mais également dans la vraie vie en entreprise et dans le cadre de vrais projets menés par de vraies équipes. Si une tâche qui vous est assignée vous amène hors de votre zone de confort, votre manière d’employer votre temps redouble d’importance: Allez-vous vous documenter sur le sujet pendant le temps de travail ou en dehors des heures de productivité ou vous référer à un membre de votre équipe compétent sur la question? Le filtre à appliquer pour répondre à un tel dilemme doit inclure la qualité de votre apprentissage et ce que vous voulez retirer de votre formation.

#2  Soyez organisé et conservez de la marge dans vos plans

Ne pas avoir de plan au moment de se lancer dans un projet ou une tâche, c’est planifier un échec. Subconsciemment, vous vous préparez à accepter de ne pas réussir, il n’y a donc pas lieu de planifier quoi que ce soit et de s’organiser. Un plan que vous avez en tête n’est pas un plan non plus, c’est une idée non-testée.

Voici la procédure pour bâtir un plan crédible:

  • Estimez sur la base de ce que vous savez le temps qu’il faudra pour terminer une tâche (Cet estimé ne sera pas exact)
  • Divisez cette tâche en jalons qui vous permettront de mesurer vos progrès
  • Réservez au moins 4 plages à votre agenda pour avancer sur les portions de la tâche en question (Les débordements sur les fins de semaine ne devraient compter que pour une journée).
  • Doublez le temps calculé de votre estimation et répartissez les plages de travail additionnelles à votre agenda pour connaître la date de livraison à laquelle vous pouvez vous commettre.
  • C’est Parti! Commencez immédiatement la tâche, ne la laissez pas en suspens.

#3  Rendez des comptes à vous-même et tenez vos engagements

Dans un Bootcamp, vous ne pourrez blâmer que vous. La rigueur de vos actions individuelles est de mise. Des quantités significatives de travail vous seront assignées et votre temps de productivité sera dédié à l’accomplissement de tâches dont d’autres équipiers dépendront peut-être.  Vous ne retirerez que le fruit des efforts que vous ferez et au fil de l’avancement du programme, les expectatives ne feront qu’augmenter jusqu’à ce que vous atteigniez le niveau d’un développeur junior ou potentiellement au-delà. Au bout d’un programme de quatorze semaines, c’est votre formation et votre carrière qui en bénéficiera et la différence se chiffre en dizaines de milliers de dollars. Une réputation de fiabilité est indispensable. C’est toute la motivation qu’il vous faudra.

#4  Ayez une approche orientée sur les tâches

Tentez de résoudre des problèmes avec des actions concrètes. Parfois la meilleure façon d’attaquer un problème est de commencer 😉 Si vous ne pouvez pas terminer sur un succès systématiquement il vous faut au moins viser à faire du progrès. Dans cette optique, aligner et compléter les tâches les unes derrière les autres est une garantie de progrès.

Le multi-tâches, cela pourrait sembler contre-intuitif, n’est pas une garantie de progrès. Il implique un risque de distraction. Une théorie nommée l’effet Zeigarnik suggère que nous avons tendance à réfléchir davantage aux tâches en supens. Ainsi, maintenir un nombre limité de tâches permet de demeurer motivé sur leur réalisation sans diluer ses efforts au-delà du raisonnable.

#5  Trichez en respectant les règles

Il est naturel de vouloir emprunter le chemin le plus facile et tant d’effort déployé sur des projets et des exercices vous poussera naturellement à couper certains coins ronds. Il faut accepter ces réflexes comme normaux. Cela ne doit tout simplement pas vous faire perdre vos objectifs de vue:

  • Il faut décider quand choisir de tricher (C’est Okay)
  • Il faut décider comment vous compenserez pour cette décision (Quand, Comment)

Ne vous mentez pas à vous-même, soyez conséquent et acceptez la responsabilité de vos choix.

#6  Augmentez votre endurance à l’échec et à la frustration

L’endurance croîtra naturellement avec le nombre d’heures que vous passerez à programmer. La frustration se dissipe en se changeant les idées, pas en s’entêtant. Ainsi essayez les pauses, les marches, l’exercice, la méditation. Il faut éviter les écrans incluant les téléphones. Ne vous éloignez pas trop, juste assez pour y revenir une fois que vous retrouvez les idées claires.

#7  Apprenez-en toujours davantage sur les Technologies et l’Industrie

La beauté du monde des technologies c’est que cette discipline permet de faire des incursions dans tous les domaines. La technologie peut également être centrale à une entreprise et travailler pour Microsoft, Google, Facebook ou Uber offre une toute autre perspective de nos métiers. Dans un environnement aussi favorable à notre profession, il faut cultiver notre carrière et se tenir à jour. Sortez de chez vous, rencontrez des collègues, parlez de techno, racontez votre histoire et écoutez celle de vos pairs. Beaucoup d’entre nous sont introvertis mais cela ne doit pas faire de vous des ermites. Lorsque vous aurez le soutien de votre employeur, appuyez sur l’accélérateur et payez-vous des conférences. Faites-vous inviter par vos fournisseurs et vos partenaires technologiques. Au fil du temps vous aurez du plaisir à réseauter et votre prochain emploi ou prochain défi est au bout de ces efforts.

#8  Prenez en compte la charge de travail

Le bootcamp de CodeBoxx maintient une grande intensité et vous constaterez des variations de semaine en semaine au fil des thèmes abordés. Si vous avez de l’expérience ou de la préparation sur une technologie, vous passerez probablement à travers les exercices rapidement et avec facilité. Profitez du temps récupéré pour vous préparer de façon égale au thème suivant ou documentez-vous sur un sujet que vous ne maîtrisez pas encore. L’avantage principal du Bootcamp c’est que c’est l’opportunité de se dédier à un objectif intensément sur une courte période. Le temps limité du programme inférieur à quatre mois permet de se dédier exclusiment durant cette période. La contre-partie de se dédier corps-et-âme à un bootcamp est le risque de surmenage. C’est une réelle possibilité qu’il est facile d’éviter en intégrant à votre routine des activités non reliées à la technologie. Ces activités n’ont pas à être physiques au-delà du raisonnable mais doivent tout-de-même permettre de vous changer les idées et de vous distraire des problèmes en cours de résolution. Généralement regarder une série télé ou jouer à un jeu video n’offrent pas de contrast suffisant.


Le Projet fait du Chemin!

Depuis le lancement du site vous avez été nombreux à remplir le formulaire d’inscription et nous avons été ravis de l’engouement. Depuis que vous nous avez confirmé que ce projet est grandement souhaité, nous nous sommes mis au travail pour faire avancer les démarches le plus rapidement possible afin de pouvoir vous donner de bonnes nouvelles.

Première avancée majeure: Via le formulaire de contribution académique, de nombreuses personnes ont manifesté leur intérêt pour nous conseiller, nous aider, mais également rejoindre l’aventure. A l’issue de notre processus de sélection, nous sommes privilégiés de pouvoir nommer Nadya Fortier en charge des operations pour CodeBoxx. Elle se joint à Nicolas Genest et Jeff Fillion pour mener le projet à bien et prendra ses fonctions le mois prochain.

Vous pouvez suivre le statut du projet à l’aide de l’infographie ci-dessous où nous mettons à jour notre parcours au fil des avancées. Notre chemin est clair et nous projetons un démarrage de la première édition de notre programme “Genesis” le 27 août 2018.

Progress Chart 1

Article, Press

Our Quebec City Campus is moving!

Our Quebec City campus is moving, just in time for our return to in-person cohort! This fall, we will have the pleasure of welcoming our students to a brand new space!
The amazing growth that CodeBoxx is experiencing lately pushes us to move to larger, more spacious space that better suits the needs of our coding bootcamp and of Boxx Solutions!
From now on, you can find us at 1165 boulevard Lebourgneuf, Québec City, QC!
Article, Press

More than 150 grads later: Outcomes and Statistics

CodeBoxx has recently surpassed the symbolic number of 150 graduates. This milestone is especially impressive given what the past 16 months has been with the global pandemic forcing us to deliver our cohorts remotely. What is also impressive is the diversity and variety of profiles we saw graduating and launching a career in tech over the past few months. There are amazing individual stories on our (brand new) website’s testimonials section you can read and watch, but we want to give you a high level overview of the graduates’ background. Our mission is to allow people from all walks of life to get a chance at a career in tech and the numbers below prove exactly that we are fulfilling our mission.

  • 67.1% of graduates had no programming experience prior to the bootcamp
  • 67.4% of graduates didn’t have college/university diplomas or experience
  • 79% of graduates are between 17 and 35 years old. 15.7% are between 36 and 45 years old.  
  • 13.5% of graduates are women
  • Starting salaries of graduates range from $35,000 to $67,000, with an average around $47,000

Wonderful numbers, right? Indeed!

These numbers should answer a few questions that we get a lot: “I have never programmed before, is it for me?” or “I only have a high school diploma, is it for me?”. YES and YES! CodeBoxx is open to everyone and is designed to remove as many barriers to entry as possible so anyone can give it a shot. No upfront tuition, laptop loan program, no prerequisite, etc. CodeBoxx is 100% different from any other education experience you might have had before! Anyone can succeed at CodeBoxx with the proper levels of commitment and effort and the numbers above prove it, but we want to be transparent as well: our accelerated approach and the bootcamp format might not be for everyone. In short, open to everyone doesn’t mean it suits everyone. That being said, this is why we created a 2-week program called Genesis to make sure interested candidates can validate their will and interest in becoming a developer and evaluate if the format fits their needs and learning capacity. If the fit is not right after Genesis, candidates can withdraw and will have enjoyed a great 2 weeks of programming for free! Here are some numbers from our past cohorts.

  • 67% of the Genesis program’s candidates move onto the 14-week Odyssey program. For the vast majority of those who don’t move on to Odyssey, they had the choice to move on, but they realized they didn’t like technology after all, they didn’t want to become a developer after trying it for 2 weeks or the accelerated format was simply not for them. For the minority who does not move on to Odyssey after Genesis, they have failed to reach the threshold of points that allow them to qualify for Odyssey. They are typically more than welcome to come back in a future cohort.
  • The graduation rate from the Odyssey Program is 73%.
  • CodeBoxx’s all-time placement rate is above 90%

The takeaway the statistics you just read is the following: CodeBoxx will offer you a risk-free opportunity to launch your career in technology in 4 months, but nothing is given, everything is earned at CodeBoxx. You must be ready to work hard and devote and dedicate 100% of yourself to the program for its full duration, but the reward at the end makes it worth it!


Ellen Carnaval Holtz: Use CodeBoxx as my Springboard!

As part of our series of articles on our graduates, it is the turn of Ellen Carnaval Holtz, graduating in the 3rd cohort, to tell us about her experience. Ellen has an extraordinary career and she is the perfect example of what CodeBoxx is able to offer to an immigrant community whose diplomas, obtained in their country of origin, are not recognized by the Quebec state. Here is his story.

Ellen Carnaval Holtz, October 11, 2019

CodeBoxx was for me a great change in life and career. Following my law degree from Opet University in Brazil and my experience working with Brazilian justice, I arrived in Canada in May 2017, without knowing how to speak French and without knowing what to do with my professional life. My diploma not being completely recognized here, I had to go back to school to adapt with the rules from here.
When I decided to come to Quebec, I was open to the possibility of changing careers, because I wanted to live the experience of living in Canada. After learning the language and working in other areas, I realized it was time to decide where to go and I was very indecisive at the time.
Although I loved my career before, I did not want to continue it here. Technologies have always been something that appealed to me, but I did not think it was for me. I was more attracted to the human side and I thought I would not find that aspect on the technology field. At the beginning of 2019, I saw an article about CodeBoxx which presented its concept, but also presented many testimonials from graduates and it changed my perception of the field. I decided to try and embark on the adventure.
What an incredible experience I went through! It was not easy, it was one of the biggest challenges of my life! First, there was the subject that was new to me, there was also the language but also the learning method that was new to me. I put a lot of effort, but every ounce of energy invested was worth it.
I had the chance to learn so much and discover that I can do much more than what I imagined possible at first. Today, I have a job as a developer and I am super happy with the position I got at La Capitale Assurance, a partner of CodeBoxx. There are always challenges to overcome, but I have the passion and motivation to continue my learning every day.
Thanks to CodeBoxx!


Jonathan Pagani: Finding his way!

As part of our series of articles on our graduates, it is the turn of Jonathan Pagani, graduate of the 2nd cohort, to tell us about his experience. Jonathan is the typical case of the young man who lets himself be carried away by the system of education from primary to university, not knowing if he will find the career prospects that will motivate him. At CodeBoxx, he found his way! He tells us his story!

Jonathan Pagani, September 13, 2019

I spent 4 years at Université Laval in various fields of social sciences such as industrial relations, law, international relations and communication. During my 1st and last session in communication, I heard about CodeBoxx on the radio. That’s when I realized that I wanted to be a programmer. I always liked technology, I had my first computer with Windows 98 at the age of 8, but until now, I had always considered it a hobby.

In just 4 months of training, I have accomplished projects of incredible scale, while learning languages ​​like Python, JavaScript, C #, Ruby, Go, etc. During this one-of-a-kind program, I learned a lot about myself, about my ability to learn but also about my ability to adapt to the daily challenges that face us for the duration of the training. Contrary to the myth that we often hear, the field of programming is by no means a discipline where we work alone. In fact, it’s much more of a team work than an individual job. CodeBoxx was for me a complete, precise training, which gave me greater autonomy, a very advanced level of learning and skills that made me an operational employee as soon as I arrived on the job market.

I am now working for one of CodeBoxx’s partner companies, AGP assurance, in the IT research and development department. My job is to develop web applications, database, artificial intelligence, API and others.

CodeBoxx is a human and professional experience that I will never regret!

Thanks CodeBoxx!


Jabir Uredi Saidi: From psychology student to developer!

As part of our series of articles on our graduates, we asked Jabir, graduate of the 1st cohort and now developer at CGI, to give us a brief portrait of his career so far. Here is the story of another young man who has found a passion for CodeBoxx and who has a wide open future ahead of him!

Jabir Uredi Saidi, July 10, 2019

Since I was young, I have always loved technology. In fact, I always liked using it, but I never thought of doing something with it. I received my DEC in psychology at the Cégep de Sherbrooke and I was accepted at the BAC in psychology at Laval University. It did not take long before I realized it was not for me.

So I took a year off, followed by another year wondering what I really wanted to do with my life. I knew I was interested in technologies (on the user side), but I did not see any opportunities to make a career out of them. On top of that, I was not quite sure that I wanted to take the path of the “long studies” needed to reorient myself.

When I heard about CodeBoxx, I immediately clicked! An intensive 16-week program that guaranteed me a job in the technology world. So I took steps myself to learn to code a little bit to validate my interest and my capacity. I immediately fell in love with it!

Being a “doer” type of person, right from the beginning of the training, I felt that I had put my finger on something. That I had probably found what I was going to do with my life and that I was going to enjoy it. This was indeed the case and I started my career in technology at CGI since January 2019.

Thanks CodeBoxx!