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Our Quebec City Campus is moving!

Our Quebec City campus is moving, just in time for our return to in-person cohort! This fall, we will have the pleasure of welcoming our students to a brand new space!
The amazing growth that CodeBoxx is experiencing lately pushes us to move to larger, more spacious space that better suits the needs of our coding bootcamp and of Boxx Solutions!
From now on, you can find us at 1165 boulevard Lebourgneuf, Québec City, QC!
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More than 150 grads later: Outcomes and Statistics

CodeBoxx has recently surpassed the symbolic number of 150 graduates. This milestone is especially impressive given what the past 16 months has been with the global pandemic forcing us to deliver our cohorts remotely. What is also impressive is the diversity and variety of profiles we saw graduating and launching a career in tech over the past few months. There are amazing individual stories on our (brand new) website’s testimonials section you can read and watch, but we want to give you a high level overview of the graduates’ background. Our mission is to allow people from all walks of life to get a chance at a career in tech and the numbers below prove exactly that we are fulfilling our mission.

  • 67.1% of graduates had no programming experience prior to the bootcamp
  • 67.4% of graduates didn’t have college/university diplomas or experience
  • 79% of graduates are between 17 and 35 years old. 15.7% are between 36 and 45 years old.  
  • 13.5% of graduates are women
  • Starting salaries of graduates range from $35,000 to $67,000, with an average around $47,000

Wonderful numbers, right? Indeed!

These numbers should answer a few questions that we get a lot: “I have never programmed before, is it for me?” or “I only have a high school diploma, is it for me?”. YES and YES! CodeBoxx is open to everyone and is designed to remove as many barriers to entry as possible so anyone can give it a shot. No upfront tuition, laptop loan program, no prerequisite, etc. CodeBoxx is 100% different from any other education experience you might have had before! Anyone can succeed at CodeBoxx with the proper levels of commitment and effort and the numbers above prove it, but we want to be transparent as well: our accelerated approach and the bootcamp format might not be for everyone. In short, open to everyone doesn’t mean it suits everyone. That being said, this is why we created a 2-week program called Genesis to make sure interested candidates can validate their will and interest in becoming a developer and evaluate if the format fits their needs and learning capacity. If the fit is not right after Genesis, candidates can withdraw and will have enjoyed a great 2 weeks of programming for free! Here are some numbers from our past cohorts.

  • 67% of the Genesis program’s candidates move onto the 14-week Odyssey program. For the vast majority of those who don’t move on to Odyssey, they had the choice to move on, but they realized they didn’t like technology after all, they didn’t want to become a developer after trying it for 2 weeks or the accelerated format was simply not for them. For the minority who does not move on to Odyssey after Genesis, they have failed to reach the threshold of points that allow them to qualify for Odyssey. They are typically more than welcome to come back in a future cohort.
  • The graduation rate from the Odyssey Program is 73%.
  • CodeBoxx’s all-time placement rate is above 90%

The takeaway the statistics you just read is the following: CodeBoxx will offer you a risk-free opportunity to launch your career in technology in 4 months, but nothing is given, everything is earned at CodeBoxx. You must be ready to work hard and devote and dedicate 100% of yourself to the program for its full duration, but the reward at the end makes it worth it!

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CodeBoxx to open a new campus in Philadelphia

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.June 1st, 2021 / – CodeBoxx, the technology community that offers an ultra-accelerated 16-week coding and technology program to train people from all walks of life, is pleased to open the registrations for its next US location in the greater Philadelphia Area. Following a very successful expansion and HQ relocation in the Tampa Bay region in St. Petersburg, FL, CodeBoxx has identified Philadelphia as a high potential market for another US campus that is set to open in September 2021. The organization will be working with numerous local actors of the tech community, the economic development organizations, the employment centers and the local companies!

CodeBoxx has quickly demonstrated that its highly inclusive and accessible concept delivers on its promises in markets with various characteristics. The opportunities created by CodeBoxx for its participants have already allowed many individuals to jumpstart their careers. The success of more than 150 graduates is so obvious it allows tech-enabled organizations to grow and expand even where demand for business-ready technologists has become a problem. Moreover, the past several months have accelerated the digitization of jobs and reshaped the workplace dramatically. Within that changing landscape, demand for fast, effective and accessible upskilling and reskilling alternatives is growing.

About CodeBoxx

CodeBoxx, launched in 2018, is among the fastest growing technology bootcamps in North America and it is born to addresses the shortage of business-first software developers with a 16-week proprietary training designed by a CTO to meet the very real challenges of CTOs and help companies optimize return on their technology investment. The unique concept makes careers in technology accessible and possible to all. The exclusive transformational bootcamp is offered both in person and online. Employment is guaranteed to graduates through in-house placement services with world-class companies as well as within its Digital Workshop, a digital solutions division that is already working with eBay, Lucky Brand, the SPARC Group, MadaLuxe, Amsale, Vivino and many more. CodeBoxx currently has a 94% placement rate.